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Bonus tips!

The Pomodoro Method – A crazy-simple way to focus and get some good quality work done.

Magical Mornings – Got kids? Here are some tips for helping things go faster and more smoothly in the morning.

New to Zoom? - tutorial for first time users, or if you need a refresher, in advance of our virtual session.

New to FaceTime? - tutorial for setting up FaceTime on your iPhone

Resources from Other Organizations

I receive no commission from these organizations; they are listed here in case you or a loved one could use the extra support. – self-assessment questionnaire, 12-step meetings, resources, and newsletter.

Institute for Challenging Disorganization ( – clutter/hoarding scale, education, resources. – home inventory app, developed by a NAPO member. – Chayah can help you get rid of your unwanted clothing and textiles responsibly and conveniently.  Services: Textile Recycle Pick-up, Consignment Assessment, Donation Bin Host and Management, and Community Recycling Events.

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