Preparing for Our First Session

Download this PDF with everything you need to prepare for our first session.

Here’s WHAT TO EXPECT in our first session:

1. We'll go through some organizing principles; have a notebook handy (see below).

2. We'll look at the space, create a plan for the session, and decide how to put the plan into action.

3. We’ll set up a staging area with boxes and bags (see below).

4. We begin putting the plan into action!

5. In the last 15 minutes of our session, we’ll talk about how you felt about the process, and how some of these ‘findings’ will contribute to your maintenance plan once the project is completed.

Here's HOW TO PREPARE for our first session:

1. Have a notebook ready to use. It doesn’t matter whether it’s small or large, as long as it will only be used for your organizing project(s).

2. If you can, collect boxes or plastic crates for sorting – one each for Garbage, Donate, Recycle, Shredding, Keep, Belongs Elsewhere. I always have bankers boxes with me so don’t worry if you don’t have enough boxes. We could also use black/Hefty bags or paper bags for some items.

3. Decide if you have a top priority - what feel most urgent to you right now?

4. Be open to new ideas!

5. If ours is a virtual session, allow a few minutes for getting onto the app before our session is due to begin. Text me on 206-355-3768 if you're having difficulties getting connected.

I think that you will be pleased with the progress we make, and that you’ll see the potential of our work together over time.

Let me know if you have any questions in advance of our first session, otherwise I look forward to seeing you on the day!

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