You’re here because you’re fed up with feeling disorganized, stressed and scatterbrained, and you want to make some changes. Let’s get to know each other!

I’m Ellia Harris, Mindful Organizing & Productivity Coach. I do this work because I believe that “by being organized” is the answer to “How do I achieve my goals and live up to my potential?”

I can help you in this quest because I am:

  1. An experienced professional organizer and productivity coach. My organizing methods have been working for me and for clients for years; they’re backed up with formal training and a solid foundation of coaching and teaching experience. You’ll have way less stress working with me than by trying to organize on your own. And if you use my methods, you’ll see long-lasting results. The benefit for you: Helping you find your own solutions strengthens your organizing muscles.

  2. A problem-solver. If you tell me about a problem you’re having with a space or a work process, I can’t help but come up with ideas. The benefit for you: Solving problems is one of the key skills for successful organizing and productivity.

  3. A goal setter. I’ll help you figure out how to set and achieve goals. The benefit for you: Having clear-cut goals supercharges your organizing.

  4. A writer and curator of information. I provide additional resources through my blog and social media by posting thought-provoking articles and curating relevant and interesting information. The benefit for you: Information gives you power over your physical and mental clutter!

  5. Experienced in disciplines directly related to organizing and productivity. I have a 20-year history of project management, executive coaching, corporate training, and facilitating team problem-solving. The benefit for you: I can get you on on the fast track to being organized.

 I look forward to helping you intentionally clear the clutter from your home and your head so you have more time, peace and transformation in your life!

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