mindful organizing FAQ's

What’s so bad about clutter?

Clutter is bad for you because:

  1. Well, let me ask you… Can you imagine how depressing it would be to face a floor-to-ceiling to-do list in your home every day and be reminded of all the things you haven’t done? That’s the effect that clutter has. In fact, physical and digital clutter is often a sign of mental clutter.

  2. Just looking at clutter is tiring. A 2015 Princeton study proved that the more objects in your field of vision, the harder your brain has to work to ignore them.

  3. You lose precious time. According to a 2016 study carried out by Wakefield Research for Sparefoot, 27% of Americans spend 2 hours or more per week looking for misplaced items!

  4. Clutter can add unnecessary expenditure to your budget, and not just in replacing the items you can’t find: according to the Self-Storage Association nearly 1 in 10 families rent a storage unit for the things they can’t fit into their home. Is yours one of them?

When you’re clutter-free:

  • You have more time and ease in your week – you know where to find things and what needs to be done

  • You have a sanctuary to come home to – a calm, restful place to catch your breath, think about what’s important in your life, and share cherished time with family and friends.

  • It’s easier to focus – you finish tasks faster and with less stress.

  • What’s essential becomes clear – you make better decisions.

What is Mindful Organizing?

Mindful Organizing is knowing how being aware of your possessions, your surroundings, your preferences, and systems to help you achieve your goals. It’s also about developing new habits and effectively managing your time. Mindful Organizing reduces the stress in your life because you’re more able to:

1) find the right balance between your possessions and your home

2) arrange your time and tasks so you can be more productive

In short, mindful organizing could transform your life!

Why do I find de-cluttering so difficult???

There are four reasons why de-cluttering can be so hard:

  1. Emotion – Remember the song “Feelings, wo-oh-oh, feelings… Feelings, for all my life I’ll feel it”? The song is cheesy, but the point is spot on. Strong feelings can prevent you from making a decision about whether or not to keep this picture, that memento, or those clothes.

  2. Money already spent – You think you need to keep the expensive dress or the “I can’t live without it but never use” appliance because you spent so much money on it.

  3. Unfinished business and aspirational clutter – In de-cluttering we’re letting go of the past; sometimes though the past clings on for dear life and we’re left with unfinished business. “Aspirational clutter” represents your wishes for the future – the clothing that’s a size too small, the unused gym equipment in the basement.

  4. Childhood education – Your parents may have set many examples of how to be cluttered, untidy, and disorganized.

Why do I need your help – couldn’t I de-clutter and organize on my own?

Yes, you could do this on your own and save yourself some money. The advantage of using an organizing expert like me, however, is that I will save you the time and hassle of trying to figure out how to de-clutter without getting bogged down. Quite frankly, it’s likely to take a lot of work to ‘get’ organizing on your own; with me, it’ll be done faster and with way less stress.

How do I know you’re the right person for me to work with?

Excellent question – you want to make sure the “chemistry” is right and I need to ensure that yours is a project within my capability. The first opportunity we have to get to know each other is through a phone conversation – it’s free, and there’s no obligation to move forward. We can either go ahead and schedule a session at the end of that call or we can schedule an assessment, the cost of which is applied to your first session.

How can I be sure you’ll do a good job?

I can get you on on the fast track to being organized and more productive because I’ve been helping all kinds of people get organized and be more productive in all kinds of ways for over 20 years. I also have experience in disciplines directly related to organizing and productivity, such as project management, executive coaching, corporate training, and helping teams be more productive. In addition, I have moved numerous times as an adult (including three international moves) which means I have lots of tricks for getting settled in quickly after moving and for dealing with awkward spaces.

How do I know this will be a good investment?

You’ll know this is a good investment because you’ll have more time in your week – you won’t be searching for missing items or through a gazillion items to find something. You’ll feel lighter and brighter as you come through the door of your home or work space, and you’ll save money not replacing those lost items.

What’s included, and what isn’t?

You have the opportunity to learn my methodology so you can continue to be successful in keeping your home, work space, or your head de-cluttered and organized well beyond the end of the project.

I don’t do cleaning, nor do I haul away garbage.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Whether you stay de-cluttered will depend on how committed you are to continue tidying and organizing, and building on the systems we create for you to be more productive. For that reason, it’s not possible to guarantee this kind of work. Having said that, I want to see you succeed and I will do everything within reason to make that happen!

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