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Is your organization experiencing any of these issues?

It’s amazing that your brain can read this upside down!

It’s amazing that your brain can read this upside down!

These are examples of how easily stagnant problem-solving can take hold…

•       A bottom line that's hit rock-bottom

•       Lack of ideas and energy

•       Stress around solving problems

•       Institutional knowledge disappearing when people leave

•       Staff turnover on the rise

Instead, trick your brain…

Pick up something that’s printed like a book or a paper from your desk, choose a page and turn it upside down – or look at the poem to the right. Can you still read it? You probably can! Would you expect it to still be readable upside down? Logically, no! It’s amazing what the brain can do, though – in this case, it recognizes patterns that have been laid down ever since you learned to read.

Recognizing patterns saved us from being eaten by predators millions of years ago. It’s hard for the brain to break out of this habit of relying on patterns, though, because it’s wired to automatically classify incoming data based on previous experiences. While this is great for processing huge amounts of information, it limits the ability to think differently, to think creatively. When it comes to solving problems, we could fall back on habit, but “when you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got”.

Now more than ever, making new business strides relies heavily on creative problem-solving. That’s why we have trick our brain. We do this by training it to use creative thinking techniques and team problem-solving.

Companies are like sharks – if they stop moving, they die.” – Marc Benioff, Salesforce

What is “creative problem-solving”?

At its very essence creative problem-solving is the act of using purposeful techniques to solve problems. This is done by 1) bringing out-of-the-ordinary techniques into your thinking practice, and 2) by systematizing the creative problem-solving process.

Using Light Bulb Thinking, I help people in organizations:

·      Come up with creative ideas and increase the likelihood of finding elegant solutions

·      Have a positive impact on the bottom line while building a more productive and cohesive team

What is Light Bulb Thinking?

Light Bulb Thinking is a training and coaching program that’s designed to help your people think in new ways and kickstart their creative problem-solving abilities. Creative problem-solving enables organizations to pivot more quickly in response to external events, and make the best use of limited internal resources.

Light Bulb Thinking consists of four stages – planning, ideating, choosing, and either implementing or innovating, depending on the goal and the outcome of the first three stages. In the full training program each stage is fully explained and includes exercises for participants to apply the concepts. Training is the most powerful when the team comes with a real problem they want to address or outcome they want to achieve.

Why use Light Bulb Thinking?

 In a survey carried out by Accenture in 2015*, “84% of leaders said that they were dependent on innovation for their company’s long-term success. As the pace of change increases, this insight is even more important for companies that want to not only stay in the game, but be a winner.”

* Accenture 2015 Innovation Survey


·      Better solutions that lead to increased profit

·      Can pivot more quickly in response to external events

·      Less time finding better solutions, with less stress

·      Better team working and cohesiveness

·      Greater productivity

·      Makes good use of limited resources

·      Builds skills and confidence, which contributes to staff retention

·      A boost for morale because it’s fun

·      Institutional knowledge is shared and therefore retained in the organization

What clients are saying

"This course gave me creative and practical approaches that I can use to address problems and improve my performance. You are an excellent trainer - knowledgeable, interesting and helpful. Highly recommended!" – CAFOD participant, “Using Creativity to Improve Performance”

“Ellia was a regular workshop presenter at our UK fundraising conferences. Her topics were always relevant, her presentation style was warm and involving, and delegates received lots of useful information and advice. Top qualities: expert, high integrity, creative." - Kevin Kibble, Publisher, Professional Fundraising Magazine

“I wanted someone to help me apply my project management strengths to prioritizing and delivering on my goals. Through virtual coaching sessions, Ellia took my potential to the next level. Ellia is not only professional and a great listener; she is empathetic, creative, and has attention to detail. Her follow-up in emails meant that I was also reflecting and growing regularly in between sessions; this makes her a great coach!” – CM

Ready to get started?

Any organization, team, and individual can benefit from learning creative ways to solve problems. In a phone call or Zoom meeting, you’ll get a glimpse of what this could look like in your organization. Let’s set up a time to chat!

Choose from these training options:


Light Bulb Thinking for Teams

FULL – One-and-a-half days. A full-day session on the Light-Bulb Thinking method with a half-day follow-up – the optimum format for training, review, and tweaking use of the techniques.

INTRO – A half-day session that provides an introduction to creative problem-solving and a taste of what it would be like to put Light-Bulb Thinking into practice.

Light Bulb Thinking for Leaders

A half-day session specifically for leaders and managers on how to leverage Light Bulb Thinking in teams and the organization as a whole. This could be appropriate for:

  • Senior management team

  • Departmental managers

  • Official team leaders

  • Project leaders



Leveraging Light Bulb Thinking - Virtual Executive Coaching

Zoom sessions. Topics could include:

·      The foundations of creative problem-solving and innovation

·      Creating an environment conducive to creative problem-solving and innovation

·      Team make-up and support

Also available:

Keynote speaker (Light Bulb Thinking, Goal-Setting)


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