Why Virtual Organizing works

A virtual organizing session

A virtual organizing session


“Virtual Organizing”. Have you heard of it?

Virtual Organizing (VO) is a relatively recent trend in organizing. There are a limited number of organizing professionals that offer this as a core part of their service. I’m one of them.

VO is essentially remote organizing. We call it Virtual because, done properly, it’s as if the organizer is in the room. I coach you, and you put the coaching into action.

The reason VO is cutting edge is that effective organizing comes from effective planning. And planning can be done anywhere – I don’t have to be physically in the room with you, but you get full access to my brain. As a coach, this is the most important asset I have!

What can VO be used for?

VO is particularly well suited for:

·      Being short on time and ‘nouse’ (a British term that roughly means ‘knowing what to do’) but having lots of determination to organize your home, your office, or your head.

·      Work productivity coaching – Since this is more about wrangling ‘mental’ activity than physical spaces, it means we can easily address your challenges through conversation and screen sharing.

·      Financial constraints – my VO sessions are a minimum of one hour, whereas onsite sessions have a minimum of three hours

·      People who are able to lift or move belongings, or have someone who will help with this during our sessions

·      People embarrassed by their home – VO sessions give you control over what I see.

How does VO work?

·      With potential VO clients, the first step is to hop on the phone for a free consult. This gives me the opportunity to learn more about your organizing or work productivity challenges, and for you to learn how I coach VO clients. For organizing sessions, I may ask you to send me a few pictures of the space(s) you want to organize.

·      Sessions typically takes place via video call – FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype – although sessions can also take place via phone.

·      In our first session, we'll review the areas you want to work on and what you want to achieve at the end of the project. We'll then come up with a plan for you to implement, and begin implementing that plan.

·      Because VO sessions are a different way of working, I take notes for you and send a session summary shortly after our call. This summary includes your “aha moments”, my observations and suggestions, and your homework – this helps you stay on track.

·      I check in a few days later by email to see what questions you have.

·      Being virtual, I can work anywhere in the US. I’m available (in the Pacific NW) some evenings and Saturdays.

Why virtual organizing works

Organizing is about making life easier. With current technology it’s easier than ever to get the support you need through virtual organizing sessions so you can achieve whatever goals you set yourself, whether it be to have a welcoming guest room, an efficient home office, less stress around work projects, or achieving academic, career, or personal ambitions.

In the words of one client, “I consider myself to be incredibly organized at work. I wanted someone to take that strength and help me apply it to prioritizing and delivering on my personal goals as well. This is where Ellia took my potential to the next level. Our package of virtual sessions allowed me to accommodate my work schedule.

“Ellia is not only professional and a great listener as a good coach should be; she is empathetic, creative, and has attention to detail that allows her to follow-up in emails and our digital exchanges so that I was also reflecting and growing regularly in between sessions, which makes her a great coach. If you’re unsure whether virtual sessions make a difference, doubt no more, just give it a shot!”


If you’re curious about how my virtual organizing or productivity coaching could help you, schedule a free phone consultation!

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