Mindful or Intentional? What's the Difference?

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Mindfulness. Being intentional. Curious to know the difference?

What do you think of when you hear “mindful” or “intentional”? The meaning may be the same for you, for both of them (that’s how I am in a yoga or meditation session), but there’s actually a difference. Knowing that difference will improve your ability to smoothly organize your home and manage work projects.

Put simply, the difference is this… When you’re “mindful”, you’re observing – without judgment, and with curiosity – in the moment. “Intentionality” is about having the determination to achieve your goal.

You need to be mindful about what you want before you can come up with an intention… how will you know how to get where you’re going if you don’t know the destination?

In organizing-speak, mindfulness means being aware of how you interact with your space. Or noticing how you work before being able to decide what, if anything, you will change.

Notice how you interact with your space

Walk around your home slowly, with fresh eyes, as if you were someone visiting for the first time. What delights you? if it was your house (remember, you’re a visitor!), what would you change,? Etc.

Notice how you work

Think of a project you worked on recently – home or office. Which aspects did you enjoy? Which did you avoid? What distractions did you notice?

What now, amiga?

Intentions! Once you’ve become mindful of what does/doesn’t work for you, you can set some intentions. For example “Today I’m going to write my blog post” or “Today I’m going to sort my shoes”. On a grander scale you might say “I intend to have an organized desk at the beginning of every week” or “I intend to be more focused today than yesterday,” or “I intend to have a new job within the next 12 months”.

Some people are fine setting up new systems on their own. Others need help. If you need help setting up systems for being more organized and productive, schedule a free, 20-minute phone consult. We’ll figure out whether I’m the right organizing coach for you.

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