5/10/19 - Want to refresh your home without spending lots of money? I’ll show you how being a mad scientist will help!

Unleash your inner Mad Scientist!

Unleash your inner Mad Scientist!


It’s springtime, and that means new shoots, flowers, and leaves. This burst of color is a signal that it’s time to get creative and experiment!

Here’s a great example. My client – I’ll call her Virginia – has had a major remodel done to the main floor of her home. This remodel has affected the upstairs, which she’s been wanting to look at with fresh eyes. I’ve been helping her experiment with moving things around and creating new systems. The rooms are transforming over time, and she’s having great fun playing around with systems to help her de-clutter and organize papers, photos and memorabilia. Here’s her newly-liberated linen closet, which I helped her design. 

BTW, you can do this anytime, even if you’ve lived in your home untouched for a number of years – just look at your home as if you were someone visiting for the first time. The main thing to remember is that it’s okay to release your inner mad scientist! Often times you won’t know what works until you actually try it.

Which clothing combo is right for your home?

Experimenting in your home is like trying on different outfits until you find the one that works for the occasion. Try different places in your home for décor, storage, papers, and desk work.

Here’s how you can use experimenting to help you get more organized:

·      Try a system for a week and notice how it’s working. A system can be as small as a shelf or a drawer. Tweak the system and try again, for example “how to shave 5 mins off our morning routine”.

·      When looking at your space, try and picture it empty; this may give you new ideas for uses and layout.

·      Get the family involved! Make it fun by gamifying sorting and organizing, or making it part of family time. What systems work for them? How can you help them improve their systems?

·      Experiment with different ways of organizing your papers until you find one that works. My clients, for example, find that calendarizing monthly or weekly filing is a tremendous help.

Do you long to feel peaceful in your home?

How does Virginia feel now that we’re partway through this project? “With the remodel, everything was in a jumble and I felt stuck. The suggestions that Ellia made for moving furniture completely changed things, and now my office and bedroom are delightful to be in! Working with Ellia has made such a difference – I feel so much more at peace!”

Need a Mad Scientist in your life?

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