Traveling by car over the holidays? Tips for organizing your car!


But first, a reader's comment...

I love getting tips from readers. Here’s a great one related to last week’s blog on organizing for a flight: “I pack each day’s outfit with its own underwear & jewelry into a separate ziplock bag, labeled Monday, Tuesday, etc. This means that, when I arrive jet-lagged at the other end, I don’t have to think about it – I just grab & go. It’s tough coordinating 6 outfits into carry-on but, with pre-planning, it works! I also stuff coat pockets with shoes; the coat become a lap rug for the plane.” Thanks K!

Now for the main feature... Tips for organizing your car!

  • Use plastic zipper pouches (sturdier than ziploc bags) for storing small items and snacks. Available at your local pharmacy or online

  • Bungee net ideas

Attach a bungee net to the ceiling – it creates storage space for lightweight items.

Dig out your leather jacket and head to your local motorcycle shop! Mesh bungees make good use of ceiling space. These 18-inch-square stretchy nets are intended to hold a spare helmet onto the rear seat or fender of a motorcycle. In your vehicle, attach the corners to the grab handles with wire ties or velcro cable ties, and stretch the bungees until they’re taut. This “hammock” holds lightweight items such as hats, gloves, and kids’ jackets that you want to keep off the floor. Most vehicles have enough of a curved ceiling that your stuff will remain higher than your sightline out the rear window.


Here’s a mesh organizer that stretches between the front seats:


Try these small storage nets, where velcro will stick:

  • Front Console

I like these slim leather pockets that fit between the seat and the console:

  • Suction caddies or hooks to make use of space on side windows in the back

Something like this would work well:

  • Headrest hooks

Attach these hooks to headrests, to hang bags or other items at the back of your seat and the passenger seat; these plastic ones are safer than metal ones. if you are still concerned about the ends causing injury with a sudden manoevre, you could secure a washcloth around the ends with a rubber band or Velcro cable tie:

  • Extra storage space on side of passenger seat

Make use of the side of the front passenger seat for storage:

  • Attach an elastic grid organizer to your sun visor

Good for your phone, pens, small notepad or post-its, sunglasses, mini-tissue pack. This one is available at Bed, Bath & Beyond:

  • Turn a to-go coffee cup into a tissue or doggy-do bag holder: