New Year, New Name, New Site!

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“The Potential Center” is now “Mindful Organizing”!!

What is “The Potential Center”?

If you are reading this post on or around the time it was published in January 2019 you will most likely know me as The Potential Center. I’m offering the same services to help you achieve your goals and live up to your potential, just under a different name.

How did this name change happen?

A few months ago I was reflecting on my approach to organizing and productivity, how that's applied to my work, and about the clients I work with. My methods are well thought-out; I'm intentional about the way I work and the way I interact with clients. I'm also intentional in how I live my life day-to-day. Continuous improvement applies not just to my service offerings, but to myself in my whole life.

The Potential Center was a name that I had carried over from my previous business as a management consultant - helping organizations and their people achieve their potential through improved leadership, communication, problem-solving, and team-working. When I transitioned into professional organizing, I decided to keep the name - after all, I was still helping folks live up to their potential... but via a different vehicle.

As with my name - it was okay, but I really wanted something I liked better (Ellen eventually became Ellia), I was on the lookout for a new company name. And just like my own name, I knew it would appear out of the blue (if we ever meet, I'll tell you the story of how I acquired the name Ellia!).

Sure enough, it was during that reflection a few months ago that I realized that "mindful" was the short-hand description for the way I work. Everyone I tested the name out on it thought it was great - I hope you do, too.

This week’s post was a one-off…
…because I wanted to make a big splash about the new name - can’t blame me, I’m so excited!! Next week I'll be returning to weekly tips and thoughts. If you know anyone else who might be interested in the newsletter, please forward this announcement to them - chances are they are also looking for ways to be more organized and productive!

Next week: Do Less to Do More

I’m a Mindful Organizing and Productivity Coach. I work with professionals who are stressed by their messy home, scattered brain, or project deadlines. I'll help you intentionally clear the clutter from your home and your head so you have more time, peace, and results in your life.

Ways to work with me:

Onsite Coaching – min 3 hours of one-to-one team working on organizing or productivity issues, in the Puget Sound region
Virtual Organizing – min 1 hour video call to plan and work on organizing or productivity issues, in the US
De-Cluttering for Jugglers – 1 hour video session and personalized de-cluttering plan, with follow-up session
Virtual Organizing (VO) Taster Session – 20-minute virtual session to test whether VO is a good option for you.
Master Juggler Packages – 6 or 12 sessions, either Onsite or Virtual

More info at MindfulOrganizing.Net/Services

Not sure which option is best for you? Contact me to arrange a free, no-obligation phone consultation: Ellia@MindfulOrganizing.Net.

Ellia Harris