1/25/19 - When You're (Not) Organized


Today I was going to post “Do Less to Do More”. Instead, I want to briefly go back to basics. This is the time of year when we implement our new year’s resolutions, and you may appreciate a bit of extra motivation to keep you on the organizing path!

Why do we professional organizers harp on about organizing?

Personally, I think of organizing and productivity coaching as a caring profession, like nursing or counselling. I’m not a registered nurse or counselor, but I am passionate about helping people improve their quality of life so they can achieve their goals. I’ve chosen to help people do this by being more organized and productive.

What are your reasons for being organized and productive?

·      Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter in your home (or your head)?

·      Are you embarrassed when people come to visit?

·      Do you spend more time than you’d like looking for things, or spend more money than you’d like replacing the things you can’t find?

·      Is it hard to focus on your work?

·      Are you dropping balls as you try and juggle all your responsibilities?

This is just some of what happens when you’re not organized.


When you’re organized in your home and your head:

·      You save time and money

·      You have more time for family, friends,… and fun!

·      It’s easier to identify and prioritize what’s essential

·      It’s easier to complete tasks and projects

·      You effortlessly make decisions about what to say ‘yes’ to and what to say ‘no’ to

·      Your home is your sanctuary

·      A healthy diet and lifestyle are easier to maintain

·      You can be an organizing role model for your kids

·      You are seen as a leader, because it’s obvious you have your s**t together

·      Your goals are achievable


Happy organizing! (If you’re not happy organizing on your own, contact me to see how I could help you.)


Next week: Do Less to Do More

I’m a Mindful Organizing and Productivity Coach. I work with professionals who are stressed by their messy home, scattered brain, or project deadlines. I'll help you intentionally clear the clutter from your home and your head so you have more time, peace, and results in your life.

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Virtual Organizing (VO) Taster Session – 20-minute virtual session to test whether VO is a good option for you.
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